Pfizer expands real-world data collaboration with Flatiron Health

07 Apr 2006, Paris, France --- The headquarters building of the medical and pharmaceutical group Pfizer, in Paris. --- Image by © Patrice Latron/Corbis

Pfizer has expanded its collaboration with oncology software provider Flatiron Health to integrate and increase the application of real-world data further in its development of targeted cancer drugs.

As per the agreement terms, Pfizer will tap into the de-identified, real-world datasets and analytical expertise from Flatiron Health to chalk out development strategies and activities for various clinical development projects for major types of tumour. Furthermore, the partners will jointly study other methods to bring in innovation in clinical development using real-world data.

Established originally in 2014, the collaboration consolidates on the recent work by the two companies to include real-world evidence as part of a regulatory submission to expand the indications for one of Pfizer’s breast cancer drugs.

Pfizer chief development officer and executive vice president Rod MacKenzie said: “Real-world data and evidence, and the technologies that capture and analyze them, are increasingly valuable ways for us to improve medicines development. They can augment the data we collect in traditional trials and enable greater efficiency and effectiveness in our clinical trial design and operations.”

Collaborative projects under the expanded partnership will cover datasets from non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), colorectal cancer (CRC), and other types of tumour.

Pfizer and Flatiron Health will explore suitable venues to present the findings from their research projects, and also larger implications for the application of real-world data, to the scientific and healthcare communities. The partners expect to further assess the role of real-world evidence in regulatory decision making through this approach.

Flatiron Health president and co-founder Zach Weinberg said: “This collaboration is geared toward uncovering valuable insights to inform clinical development within Pfizer’s oncology portfolio, as well as identifying future areas of collaboration that will evolve the role of real-world evidence in bringing innovative cancer treatments to patients.

“We believe that the use of real-world evidence holds the potential to significantly accelerate cancer research, and we are proud to expand our relationship with Pfizer Oncology, a leader in this space.”

In April 2018, Swiss drugmaker Roche completed its previously announced acquisition of Flatiron Health for $1.9bn (£1.53bn). Established in 2012, Flatiron Health is focused on curation and development of real-world evidence for cancer research.

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