Nallian to launch global pharma tracker for temperature-controlled shipments

Data sharing specialist Nallian said that it will launch the Global Pharma Tracker, the world’s first data sharing platform for end-to-end tracking and monitoring of temperature-controlled pharma shipments, at the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Singapore.

Providing unparalleled levels of transparency and visibility, it empowers pharma actors to efficiently detect, act upon and ultimately prevent costly temperature excursions – currently causing billions worth of product loss every year.

The global pharma air cargo supply chain involves many partners: shippers, carriers, ground handlers, forwarders, cold chain service providers and airport authorities. In this fragmented supply chain, detecting excursions and defining why and where they happened is today a complex, time-consuming and manual process.

The Global Pharma Tracker Platform integrates logistics, temperature and quality data from this fragmented supply chain into a single, real-time view. This gives all stakeholders access to an enhanced data stream, providing valuable insights into their cargo flows and end-to-end visibility across the network.

It empowers them to efficiently and unequivocally answer questions such as ‘where did the excursion happen?’ and ‘what caused it?’. Historical performance analysis will ultimately allow them to adopt a pro-active approach that prevents excursions from happening in the future.

Following a successful Proof of Concept and Pilot phase, in collaboration with Pharma.Aero and their user group, including leading pharma shippers, handlers, airport authorities, forwarders and carriers (such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, Brussels Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Mumbai Airport, Brussels Airport, Changi Airport, DHL Global Forwarding), the Global Pharma Tracker Platform is now made available to pharmaceutical actors who are keen to gain full control of their pharma shipments and set the standard for global pharma visibility.

Says Jean Verheyen, CEO Nallian: ‘We are excited to bring the benefits of our open data sharing platform to the pharmaceutical industry. Proven to generate transparency and efficiency across local cargo communities, expanding these to a global network such as the pharma supply chain is a logical next step in our ambition to bring the benefits of digitization and collaboration to the air cargo industry.

“Users of the Global Pharma Tracker will leverage the benefits manfold: internally, within their local community, across validated pharma corridors and ultimately across the global network. With a cost of 35 billion USD caused by temperature excursions, we trust the Global Pharma Tracker represents a major opportunity for the industry.”

Nallian will present the Global Pharma Tracker platform and share details of the Early Adopter Program at the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Singapore next week.

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